Everyone knows that Playa de las Américas is the place to go on Tenerife if you want to party the night away. Everyone knows it, even though it isn’t strictly true.

If you’re British, Playa de las Américas is party central if you want to be amongst people who speak the same lingo as you and where the music blasting out of bars is sing-along familiar. But it’s not the nightlife capital for the Canarian population. In fact, depending on what rings your nocturnal bell, you have to visit different locations on Tenerife to find the after-dark action that would suit you best.

Young, free and single Brits

In this instance it is Playa de las Américas and the area around the infamous C.C. Veronica’s. The bars around here aren’t quite as seedy as some people make out. Most of the detractors who roll their eyes and tut tut at the so-called dens of iniquity that make up the strip of bars and clubs known as Veronica’s are not exactly what you’d call in the target age group. Bars are modern, lively and loads of wild fun, especially if you’re under 25. It’s only a short stagger from Veronica´s to clubs like Tramps which regularly has top international DJs sharing their favourite playlists.

Gay bars and clubs

Avenida Familia Betencourt y Molina in Puerto de la Cruz is the closest thing to an LGBT district as you’ll find on Tenerife. There are a few bars and clubs along the avenue displaying the unmistakeable rainbow colours. The pick of these is Vampis, one of the best clubs on Tenerife whatever your sexual persuasion.

Simply sophisticated

Sometimes just chilling out in a sleek and sexy looking bar hits the right spot, irrespective of what music is being played or who the other clientèle are. As a rule of thumb, wherever there is a decent nocturnal scene on Tenerife, there is at least one chic bar for night owls who like their drinks to be served in stylish surroundings. One of the easiest to spot is Faro Chill Art in Costa Adeje. It’s a beautiful looking bar/club on various levels overlooking the south coast of Tenerife. How do you find it? Well, there’s this big neon coloured lighthouse…


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